After graduating from college, I couldn’t wait to find and work my first salary wage job. When it finally happened, I was ecstatic because I thought it would enhance my career. The firm I worked for was a small business with about 10 employees. After working for about 2 years for the firm, I finally realized something – there was nowhere for me to grow within the company.

I had no director or manager above me, and I was the only person in the workplace that could perform my job responsibilities. Even though I had an important role in my company, it bothered me to know that there was no higher position in my department. At first, I wasn’t sure what my options were since it was my first full-time job. However, with the proper guidance, I decided to leave the company nearly a year later.

This experience helped me understand the influence of a corporate ladder. If employees see no room for career growth within a business, there will be turnover, low productivity, and other adverse consequences. As an employee, this feeling of entrapment was suffocating. For that reason, I want to share 3 methods to advance your career, if you believe there’s no room for growth in your firm.

Take Initiative

For some people, taking initiative seems counter-intuitive. Why work harder for a non-existent higher position, right? Well, there are other ways that businesses can promote you without a different job title. Hence, you should show upper management the diligent work you’re putting into your duties.

Don’t wait for your manager to assign you responsibilities to show your value to the business. Go and identify problems with viable solutions to create different opportunities for yourself. It’s not just about completing your given assignments, you should try to do more to standout and make your intentions clear. Prove to your employer how dedicated you are to growing the company, and the true value of your employment.

Job advancement - take initiative
Use Your Network to Find Mentors

Building diverse relationships with other individuals is essential to advancing your career. From close friends to former employers, you should look to these people for feedback, advice, and other insights. By creating and evaluating your connections, you’ll see potential mentors who had gone through the same problem with their jobs.

From there, you can ask them various questions that may be valuable information for your future career. They’ll advise you on different methods that will help you advance your career. For instance, my mentor advised me to give my company another opportunity to better compensate me for my work; however, if they still don’t appreciate the quality of my performance, then it is time to work for another company. Hence, building the right network is important to help you overcome the standstills in your career.

Is it Time to Move On?

If neither of the stated solutions get you a promotion, you should seriously consider working for another company. At this point, you did everything you could to portray how much you care about the business’s growth. Now is the time where you need to start thinking more about yourself.

If you have doubts or still feel uneasy, discuss your options with your mentor to understand your options. If leaving the company is the best choice, then start editing your resume and practicing your interviewing skills. It’s time that you start making your own path that will best serve your career.

Whether you decide to stay or leave, you should still put the extra effort to show your value to the company. No one wants to be stuck at a dead-end job, but if you find yourself in one, create your own path to success. Take initiative, build relationships, listen to your mentor, and if need be, move on to a different business. Your career depends solely on you, so go get what’s yours!

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