When you think of startups, I bet you think of the popular companies that are raking in millions of dollars in revenue. From Uber to Tesla, startups have been a growing trend in today’s society. However, not all startups are successful, and not all of them are able to obtain quality investors to support them. For those without any investors, you’re looking at a lower budget and a larger workload.

But here’s some good news to startups with low capital.

You can still compete with those VC backed startups!

You’d be surprised how outsourcing can help your startup grow, especially your HR responsibilities. Whether it’s a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or an Administrative Services Organization (ASO), these firms will manage your HR tasks, so you can concentrate on the main aspects of your startup.

Don’t believe me? Well read on to see how outsourcing your HR could better develop your startup:

Kills Two Birds with One Stone – Less Hassles, More Revenue

Remember, just because your startup doesn’t have heavy investors, doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. That said, you will need to work harder on the core aspects of your business. Hence, outsourcing your HR responsibilities will result in more time for you to concentrate on building your brand and creating revenue.

Whether it’s hiring new employees or creating training manuals, startup founders have to deal with these tasks for their business. However, by outsourcing these duties, you’ll have more time on growing your startup. Furthermore, investing in an internal HR department is a heavy expense, while outsourcing it will result in significant savings. Thus, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone, as you’ll be better developing your startup while saving more money and time.

Outsourcing hr for your startup saves time and money
Startups are More Productive, Stable, and Flexible with an Outside HR Team

When running a startup without any outside investors, you tend to have a tight budget. That means, if you do choose to hire an internal HR team, they will most likely be lacking experience. I’m sorry to say that you’ll need a large budget to have a compelling HR team of your own. That said, outsourcing to an HR firm will provide you with quality professionals at an affordable rate compared to investing in your own team.

These outside firms will have better knowledge on local employment regulations, so you don’t get hit with penalties or fees. Also, they can better develop and expand your team with comprehensive background checks, benefit packages, and more. Hence, it will provide you with a quality team that will be able to produce more and better output for your startup.

These outside firms are able to perform the everyday HR functions that you would need to do, when you could spend that time working on the sales or marketing aspects of your firm.

So are you starting to believe that outsourcing HR could help your startup?

You don’t need a large budget to manage all of your HR responsibilities. From training and development to quality medical benefits, an HR firm can provide you with perks similar to large corporations.  It’s time that you consider outsourcing your HR tasks and taking your startup to the next level!


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