It’s almost spring, but winter isn’t over! You can still expect cold temperatures, snow, and ice in the forecast. Along with these weather conditions, you can also expect illnesses to occur. From runny noses to vigorous coughs, many people will be suffering from the coldness of winter.

Yet, many adults don’t let these common cold symptoms prevent them from going to work. If you’re one of these people, you need to seriously reconsider going to the workplace when sick! Presenteeism has become a massive problem in the workplace that many employers are trying to prevent. Employees should only return to work once they’ve fully recovered, or they’ll be doing more harm than good in terms of their health and for the company. Whether you’re an employer or employee, you should always stay home when sick, and here are 3 reasons why.

You’re Not Actually Helping

When you’re sick, you’re not able to perform to the best of your abilities. It’s a fact. Therefore, you’ll be less productive than if you stayed at home and returned to work when fully recovered. Working when sick can actually cut your productivity levels down by a third, which means you’ll be deterred by even the simplest of tasks. Hence, your low production will end up hurting your company more than helping it. Don’t believe me? Well, studies have shown that presenteeism has cost U.S. businesses over $150 billion per year! So if you think you’re helping your company by coming into the office when sick, think again.


You’re a Hazard to Everyone

As you may already know, the common cold is very contagious. By coming into work, you’ll be spreading your germs everywhere and to everyone. That means you’ll be threatening the health of your co-workers, clients, and customers. Does your business have a plan in place for sickness epidemics? If not, you have become a major threat to your business and to fellow workers. If so, the last thing any HR professional or employer wants to do is implement that plan because of one person. Not only will it be your fault that so many people get sick, but it will also halt the productivity of the company.

Now imagine yourself in the shoes of your clients or consumers. Every handshake or cough puts their health at risk as well, and if they notice your illness, it may hurt your reputation. Therefore, you shouldn’t risk the health of everyone else by prematurely returning to work, especially if your productivity level isn’t at its peak.

Your Health is Highest Priority

By not trying to fully recover, you’re placing your future productivity levels at risk. Without proper care and treatment, your health could worsen, which means you’ll be even less productive. Your health should always be a higher priority than your job. Therefore, taking a few days off to fully recover from an illness is essential to maximizing your working capabilities. Even though you may think you’re being unproductive at first, you’re actually helping the company a lot more in the long run. Studies have shown that presenteeism is 10 times worse than absenteeism, so it’s a smarter move to stay at home than to come into the office.

It’s time that you think twice before coming into the workplace when sick. You’re not just putting yourself at risk but others as well. Presenteeism has become a serious problem in the workplace, so don’t succumb to the pressure of coming into work when you’re not fully functional. Remember, next time you’re ill, stay home, drink tea and soup, and relax.

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