Businesses today are trying everything to retain and acquire the best talent. From free alcohol to paid vacation expenses, companies have tried to create a work environment that their employees would love. Even though these fun perks are great to have, it’s not a substantial reason for a quality employee to stick with a company.

So what is?

Work perks that support something almost everyone secretly wants, even if they don’t know it at the time. A family. A work environment that is family-friendly can do wonders for employees and the company.

A family-friendly culture shows that the company truly cares about the well-being of their workers when it comes to starting a family. It is human nature to want to reproduce, so a business that supports that quality shows that it views their workers as more than just employees. Therefore, here are 3 unique benefits to consider when promoting a family-friendly culture in the workplace.

Paternity Leave
Paid Parental Leave

Many businesses utilize paid maternity leave, but a majority of them don’t offer paid parental leave. The largest difference between the two perks is that parental leave is supports the role of both parents while, while maternity leave focuses on mothers. Parental leave allows fathers and mothers to take care of their child after he/she is born. Hence, it allows both genders to spend quality time with their newborn.

Along with maternity leave, a generous paid parental leave will attract quality employees looking to create a family in the near future. Another asset to this perk is the participation between both the mother and father in their child’s life. Usually the mother takes care of the child while the father works, but this benefit will close the gender gap by allowing men to spend more time with their child and allowing women to work more for their career.

Compensated Child Care

Child care is a superb way for employers to show their support for new parents. Companies can provide an internal daycare program, so their employees can bring their child to work. That way, they are able focus on their work, while being in close proximity to their child in case of emergencies.

An alternative to internal child care is to compensate employees to use an external daycare program. Employers can reimburse their workers for any expenses required to place their child into an outside daycare school. Whether it’s an external or internal daycare system, employees will have a peace of mind to know that their child is in proper care. Also, they will have less financial burdens since the firm will compensate for all of the daycare expenses.

Child Care/ Day Care
Flexible Schedule

A flexible schedule is a perk that many parents should have because it allows parents to arrange their schedule to find time for their child and for their job. Employers can provide this perk in a variety of ways. They can create a set of schedules that their employees can choose from, so the employer will know exactly when they’ll be working and when they’ll be off.

Another option is to let the employees create their own schedule, as long as they work the required amount. Either option will allow the employees to work at a productive level, while caring for their newborn. Also, depending on the job, employers can allow their employees to work from home. That way, they are able to work and care for their child in the comfort of their own home.

These job perks will help companies retain and acquire top talent. That’s because these perks provide a family-friendly atmosphere that nearly every employee wants. It’s human nature to want to create offspring, so a business that supports that nature shows that they care about their employees. Remember, companies that encourage the well-being of their employees will have a better ROI than those that don’t.

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