Looking to improve the culture in the workplace? Well, one excellent method to improve the work environment is to offer unique perks and benefits to employees. These special benefits can help retain and acquire top employees while improving employee spirit. That’s why so many large corporations like Netflix, Google, and Facebook have established these unique perks. Some of these benefits require a lot of funding, while others are relatively cheap. Either way, here are 5 benefits that business owners should try to utilize.

Delicious Free Food

Everyone loves delicious free food. Food can be a costly expense for employees, so these free meals can help them save more money. Also, they won’t have to spend time and energy on cooking their own meals. These free meals don’t have to be overly-excessive. An employer can start by offering free lunches or breakfasts once per week or once every other week. However, the key word here is delicious. No one wants bland lunches or breakfasts, especially if there are better quality meals nearby. Hence, the free meals need to have good standards for the perk to be fully effective. If not, then business owners should expect to have massive amounts of leftovers.

Job Perks 2: Office Yoga
Office Yoga/Massage

A hectic work day can create a large amount of tension and stress for workers, so an afternoon yoga or massage session can relieve some of it. These programs can help employees relax, improve their productivity and health, and even create a sense of community in the office. High stress levels can actually weaken the immune system, which makes employees more prone to illnesses. Hence, these massages and yoga sessions can keep the employees healthy and focused. Also, these programs can create stronger bonds among employee due to their similar interests and hobbies. Furthermore, employers should try to have these programs in-house, so employees will feel motivated to utilize this per. On top of that, employees will be able to go straight back to work after a refreshing yoga or massage session.

Nap Time

Sleep is such an important factor when it comes to productivity, energy, and happiness. A tired employee can actually cost a business thousands of dollars per year due to his lack of productivity. Let’s be honest, no one wants to work with 3 hours of sleep, let alone to their fullest potential. Hence the reason why so many companies are starting to utilize naps in the workplace. For example, Google has placed nap pods throughout their worksite to allow their employees to catch up on some of their sleep. By allowing workers to take naps, they will be able to reenergize themselves to better concentrate on their job. Remember, even a mere half an hour to an hour nap can do wonders for a worker’s energy and production level.

Family Matters

Maternity/paternity leave is a vital asset to have for a business because it supports the idea of having a family. There is a certain point in everyone’s life where he or she decides to have a child with their spouse, so a business that encourages family growth can better attract and retain employees. Facebook understands the importance of this idea due to their heavy parental perks like paid parental leave, bonuses, and reimbursements for day care expenses. No need to be the next Facebook when it comes to this maternity leave, unless you can afford to be; however, an employer should definitely have a unique maternal benefit to show his employees the importance of starting a family.

Job Perks 5: Travel the World

Travel the World

Who doesn’t want to travel the world and explore new places? That’s right, nobody. Allow workers to take off two weeks or more to travel anywhere in the world. This sabbatical leave portrays a company’s support for exploring different cultures and traditions. Another add-on would be to provide some funding to help employees take this trip, so they are encouraged to see different parts of the world. Unable to afford this perk? Start offering this unique benefit only to loyal employees who have worked for the company over a long period of time. That way, new hires won’t be able to abuse this privilege, and only the most dedicated workers will be able to use this job perk.

By utilizing some or all of these ideas, a business can greatly improve its culture and employee retention. Remember, these are only a few of multiple unique benefits that a company can offer. Even though some of these concepts may seem a bit over the top and expensive, there are ways for a business owner to tweak some of these benefits to make it his own. That being said, even providing one special perk can greatly improve a company’s reputation and morale.

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