First off, I just want to say that entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Some people yearn to become an entrepreneur and believe it is their calling, while others just want to play the supportive role for a reputable company.

Think of enterpreneurship as a sport. Some people are naturally gifted athletes who are able to pickup the sport in a matter of weeks, while others aren’t able to adapt even after years of practice. But like any athlete, just because you have the talent doesn’t mean you will become a success.

Don’t get me wrong, genetics do play a crucial role when determing an entrepreneur’s success, but it isn’t the only factor that decides it. If you don’t have the genetics, you can make it up with perserverance and dedication.

Remember, anyone can become an entrepreneur, but not everyone can be a successful one.

Therefore, I will describe 3 traits that an entrepreneur needs if he/she wants to become successful.

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Your personality plays a large role when determining if you will succeed as an entrepreneur. Confidence is a valuable trait to have and hone when pursing entrepreneurship.

Whatever your business idea may be, many will not believe in your service or product. People will most likely tell you that you’re crazy and foolish to even think about starting your own business. Don’t let them stop you. Fear is the greatest enemy for every entrepreneur, so don’t let it wear you down.

Forget about excuses and ignore those who put you down. If you truly believe in your idea, then your confidence is all the support that you need to pursue it. Stand strong and overcome these obstacles because you will most likely be the only one who believes in your dreams.


Timing is everything for any business. An excellent business idea isn’t enough for an entrepreneur to succeed. You need to make sure that your market is looking for your solution to their problem(s) when your idea becomes a reality.

There have been multiple scenarios where companies, who had superb business ideas, created their business when their target market didn’t need what they offered. Then, several years later, another company with the same idea opens up and flourishes.

Why? Because the second company decided to offer a solution to their market when they needed it. These scenarios can be difficult to spot, but with a bit of luck and some analytics research, you can make sure to create your business when your market is in demand for your solution.


An entrepreneur’s job is not an easy one to say the least. There are so many tasks and jobs that need to be done, and you will have to carry all of them on your shoulders.You have no accountant, HR representative, marketing team, or sales team. It’s just you and your business idea.

Therefore, unless you have the money to outsource these tasks, you will most likely have to carry the responsibilities of each department. Furthermore, times will be tough for an entrepreneur, and you need to persevere through them.

The will to keep moving forward when everything seems to be pushing you back is what separates the failed entrepreneurs and the successful ones. Work through the dark times (and there will be a lot of them), and you’ll eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel.

These 3 factors will help determine if you will become a successful entrepreneur or not. Make sure to have confidence, time your market correctly, and work dilligently to achieve your ultimate goal. Entrepreneurship isn’t an easy road to take, and there are a lot of hardships and loneliness on the way; however, if you are able to overcome these challenges, then I’ll see you on the cover of Forbes Magazine soon enough.

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