Acquiring and keeping the best employees are getting more difficult every year. Even once a person is hired, he can decide to leave your company whenever he/she chooses. In some cases, you realize your new worker isn’t as productive as you would have hoped, which may lead to early termination.

Hiring an employee is not an easy task. It takes time, effort, and money to find and hire the right person for the job, so it makes sense that employers want to get the best bang for their buck, so to speak.

Unfortunately, if you aren’t well-known in your industry, you’re already at a disadvantage. Large corporations like Google or Zappos already have a well-known company reputation, which attracts talented workers to join their company. Let’s be honest, high quality employees would rather work for a company like Google rather than a small tech firm.

Good news is, you can compete with some of these larger companies by offering better benefits packages. Even if you can’t offer a higher salary than the massive corporations, you can offer unique perks that will attract top talent. Along with the usual 401k retirement plan or medical coverage, employers need to invest in special benefits to attract and retain their top employees.

So here are 3 unique perks that you should think about acquiring to obtain high quality workers.

20160218193717-coworking-spaces-accelerator-mentorship-coworkers-computersPaid Parental Leave

Family is a high priority for many employees, which is why parental and maternity leave can serve as a valuable asset in acquiring talent. No one wants to be at work when you just had a child or if you lost a family member.

You should show your support for work-life balance and allow your employees to be excused from the office to attend to their family’s needs. This perk can be very appealing to workers who are married, so they don’t have to choose between being a parent vs. being an employee.

Tuition Reimbursement Program

With the rising costs of college education, student loan debt is becoming a serious issue. More and more students are graduating college with a degree in one hand and massive debt in the other. These types of debt usually take decades for students to pay off, but a tuition reimbursement program can greatly assist them in paying it off.

By adopting this perk, your business will quickly appeal to millennials and even baby boomers who STILL haven’t been able to pay off their education debt. With this benefit, you can be confident that you will have a hiring pool of top quality candidates.

Paid Vacation Time

Paid vacation time is a perk that A LOT of people love to hear when they get offerred a job. Not only do you have the option to take time off from work, but the company will also be paying you to NOT WORK. Vacations are a fantastic way to help your workers relieve stress and recharge their batteries. That way, when an employee comes back to the office, he/she is able to stay focused and become more productive.

You can also have company wide vacations to show gratitude for your dedicated, hard-working employees. On top of that, company vacations can promote teamwork and create bonds among co-workers outside of the workplace.

Utilizing just one of these special perks can change your talent pool immensely. A unique perk can help make up for a lack of wages when compared to the larger firms. That being said, you shouldn’t avoid the common benefits either like the 401k plan or medical insurance.

You should add on to these basic employee benefits plans with one of these perk. With a unique benefits package and a decent salary, you can be optimistic with the amount of talented candidates that are willing to join your business.


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