It’s 3pm and you’ve been at work for 6 hours. You can feel the afternoon fatigue starting to set in. You become drowsy, your eyelids get heavy, and you can’t seem to focus on your work no matter how hard you try. You drink coffee for a quick pick-me up, but it fails miserably as your tolerance to caffeine has increased dramatically. So what now? How do you wake yourself up and get out of this daze?  Say hello to exercise!

That’s right, working out is a fantastic way to wake yourself up when you start feeling the mid-afternoon energy dump. Not only that, but you may be able to prevent the afternoon fatigue altogether if you just work out 3 times per week.


There are so many benefits that exercise brings to the table besides just a smaller waistline. It can improve your mental health, emotional health, and your energy levels; therefore, it is an activity that many workers should utilize to become healthier and more productive.

So how does exercise increase your productivity at the workplace?

First off, it helps you focus on your work and keeps you mentally sharp. When you exercise, you increase the blood flow to the brain which sharpens your awareness, improves your concentration, and helps you retain more concepts (1).

By committing yourself to working out, whether it’s lifting weights or jogging, you’ll be able to greatly enhance your brain functions and boost your memory, decision-making, and problem solving abilities (2).

Also, if your looking for new ideas or concepts for your business, then you should definitely be exercising. Physical activity helps trigger a burst of creative thinking which can spark innovative, breakthrough ideas. Having writer’s block? Walk it off. Need a new business idea? Do some calisthenics. You’d be surprised at the amount of creative output you can have by just exercising (3).

pexels-photo (2)

The benefits of working out doesn’t stop here. Since your brain is improving, you’ll notice an increase in mental and physical stamina. Exercise enhances you body’s ability to transfer glucose and oxygen to your brain which increases your energy levels (3). Now you will have more energy to take on your workload and anything else that you need to do for the day.

With better energy levels and mental awareness, you’ll recognize a positive change in your mood. Exercising decreases your stress levels, which is a common issue for many employees at the workplace (1). The brain releases serotonin which improves your state of mind and makes it easier to handle work stress (1). Hence, you will start coming into work in a better mood, and the workload won’t deter you as much as it did before.

With happier emotions, more energy, and improved mental sharpness, you can definitely expect an increase in your productivity. Simply deciding to perform some sort of physical activity 30 minutes per day 3 days a week can greatly affect your workplace performance. So if you’re tired of those afternoon energy slumps, then you might want to consider joining your local gym or starting your own workout regimen.



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