A lot of businesses underestimate the value of workplace culture, and I am here to tell you NOT to do the same. You’ve probably heard of the unique culture behind various tech companies like Google or Facebook. Notice how everyone would love to have the opportunity to work at either one of these companies. Although you won’t have the same versatility or budget as these large corporations, you can still create an atmosphere that would want employees to work for you.

A well-established company culture can attract and retain talented employees. If they enjoy where they work, they WILL share their experience online. Whether it’s on LinkedIn or Glassdoor, the workers who are happy with their workplace culture will tell others what makes your company so unique and wonderful.

Not only will this build your company’s brand name, but it will also cause more talented job seekers to apply for open positions within your company. On top of that, your current employees will be more loyal and less likely to find another place to work. Believe it or not, employees are motivated more by a company’s purpose and values rather than profit and compensation.


With happier and more engaged workers, you can expect better productivity within your workplace. As long as there is a clear culture, your employees will understand your company’s overall goals and try to achieve them. Workers who have a better understanding of these goals and the needs of their managers, co-workers, and customers are able to perform better at their jobs.

Furthermore, culture is able to unify everyone in the workforce, which means better output and quality in their tasks. Witness how a unified workforce increases productivity because they are more concerned about the company’s overall success rather than their own personal benefits.

So now that you know why company culture is such a vital aspect to a business, here’s a simple chart of what you can do to create an atmosphere that your employees will love.

simply irresistble

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With the utilization of these tools and traits, your company can start building a stronger workplace culture. You’d be surprised how a company’s culture can affect the performances of your employees. That being said, if you’re the business owner of your company, the culture depends on you and those you appoint as fellow leaders.

Culture is only driven by leadership, so you and your managers must team up to produce a positive external and internal atmosphere. Start reinforcing your culture with your own actions and integrate the culture into the daily functions of your company whether it’s sales, communications, hiring, etc. That is the only way your employees will understand the culture that you seek, and in turn, utilize those values in the workplace.

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