Obamacare is still a sensitive topic in our country, and it has been a popular subject during the primary elections. There have been various facts, stats, and other numbers being thrown around that leave everyone skeptical about the ACA. Some stats show Obamacare harming our society, while other stats portray the benefits of the health care law. So which one is it? Is it harming Americans or helping them?

Well the answer all depends on the consumer’s perspective. The health care law has hurt certain people and helped others, but the overall impact it has had on the country depends on how you, the consumer, perceive the facts. I am here to list the pros and cons of Obamacare to help you observe and decide on the influence of Obamacare.


Here’s a list of the pros and cons of Obamacare

  • More Americans have health coverage and a wider range of coverage options
  • No one can be dropped from their coverage plan due to pre-existing conditions
  • All coverage must offer free or low deductible preventative services like wellness exams, physicals, mammograms, and other screenings
  • Businesses with 50 or more full-time employees must provide health coverage to their workers
  • Small businesses with 25 or less full-time employees receive tax credits for up to 50% of their employee’s health insurance premium costs
  • Lowers prescription drug costs, so more people can afford to pay for their medications
  • High earners and the healthcare industry have their taxes and premiums increased
  • Those who can afford health insurance is required to obtain coverage, obtain an exemption, or pay a fee
  • It offers more health insurance options but these plans are more expensive and often makes it difficult for consumers to shop for health insurance
  • Insurance companies must cover sick people, which increases the cost of everyone’s insurance
  • States have the option to expand Medicaid or not, which can leave millions of people without coverage in certain areas
  • Employers are cutting more hours for their full-time employees to avoid paying for health coverage
  • Employee health benefits can be expensive, and lower wage workers can’t receive assistance on their employer sponsored coverage


I hope these facts have helped you observe the overall impact of the ACA. Although Obamacare does have its perks, it does come with plenty of flaws as well. Now you know why some Americans have rebelled against the health care law, while others haved supported it. Since you know the influence of Obamacare, which side do you support?

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